Online Education in Film

Online Education in Film

Do you love movies? Think you might actually like to work in the film business? Whether you want to direct, edit, produce, or write for movies or TV, pursuing an online education in film can help you get started in the business.

Although the number of online film schools is limited, there are a variety of program options available. From short filmmaking courses to complete bachelor's and master's programs, online film education options are diverse. These options include film production, editing, cinematography, video production, film direction, photography, and screenwriting.

No prior film experience or education? No problem! Even if your knowledge is limited to visiting your local theater, there is an online film program for you.

How an Online Film Education Works

Online Film ProgramsAlthough all online film courses will have a significant online component, programs will vary in format and required equipment. Most students will access class information, complete assignments and tests, and communicate with instructors and other students online. While many programs will utilize an online chat room format others may rely more on e-mail communication.

Students in degree programs can expect more structure than students taking courses from online schools that offer only individual courses or short, certificate programs.

Students will need a computer and internet connection for all online film courses, and students in degree programs can also expect to purchase textbooks, software, and possibly a video camera and other specialty equipment.

Paying for Online Film Education

The cost for online film programs varies significantly. Grants and loans may be available for students in degree programs, but students taking single courses or certificate programs can expect to pay for classes out of their own pockets. However, tax credits or deductions may be available for these courses for those who qualify.

Outlook in the Film Industry

Students interested in the film business can prepare for a variety of career options online. When it comes to getting a job, however, online film students will face the same challenges as traditional film students – distinguishing themselves from other students and getting their first break in the business.

Although it can be notoriously difficult to get started in the film business, there are things students can do to help their chances. Attending an online school with career placement assistance can help.

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